A few days before Christmas local people experienced violence from armed cattle herders. They seize land from locals by force. Several villages in Juba on the right bank of the river Nile were affected also, including the area near village Mori where SAVIO is supporting the primary school of Saint Dominic Savio. Many villages were completely burned and looted, and the property of the villagers was destroyed. Besides that many civilians were raped or killed. Families were forced to leave their homes. They found refuge in the Salesian school in the village Mori and many went to the capital city Juba. Salesians of Don Bosco have welcomed more than 250 families with more than 780 women and children to their mission in Gumbo. They are providing basic assistance, including food and hygiene items. These families have left almost everything they had behind. They have no chance to gather the harvest. It is estimated that over 20, 000 civilians have been displaced from their homes in the past seven months.  Currently, Salesians are providing help to over 10,000 refugees from past wars and conflicts who found temporary homes in Juba-Gumbo. SAVIO o.z. is supporting the mission in Gumbo for more than 14 years through the adoption of classes and sending volunteers. We kindly ask you to pray for peace and tranquility for all the families who lost their homes and their loved ones also we also need to pray for forgiveness for those who commit these acts of violence as well as for all missionaries who provide a helping hand to refugees in these times.

You can help Salesians in South Sudan. Thank you for your prayers, solidarity, and help!