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Štefan Kormančík SDB /
They Decided to Offer Themselves (TV LUX, Short News 23/6/2020. Young volunteers gave promise to offer and sacrifice themselves in Salesian Missions.)
Slovak Public Collection Tehlička (Brick) (Radio Lumen, "Duchovný obzor"- Spiritual Horizon 24/3/2020. Don Štefan Kormančík as a guest of fr. Pavol Jurčaga.)
Joy Nedumparambil about Situation in India (TV TA3, Studio TA3 2/4/2019. We spoke about the situation in Kerala Province with Salesian Joy Nedumparambil. Floods took the lives of 500 people and one and half million lost their homes.)
Kerala – Paradise on Earth (Don Bosco Today 2/2019)
Not Only to Give but to Give as a Human (Don Bosco Today 5/2018)
Missionary L. Mulayinkal about Lack of Water in Kenya (TV TA3, Studio TA3, 26/3/2018. Lack of water followed by long lasting draughts is troubling inhabitants of equatorial Africa. Salesian missionary Luke Mulayinkal is helping people of Kaisut Desert in the North of Kenya. He spoke about projects concerning water keeping.)
War and Famine in South Sudan (TV TA3 video record, 27/3/2017)
A documentary about South Sudan TA3, August 11, 2012 (watch us at 16‘30‘‘)
STV news 36‘35‘‘, February 21, 2012
On the Brick (Tehlička) on TA3 (Guests in the studio (Hostia v štúdiu), February 19)
Children in the streets are helped by a rehabilitation centre December 31, 2011 (
School children in Manguo, South Sudan, do not need to sit on the floor anymore December 22, 2011 (
A report from a business trip to Africa December 2011 (Salesian magazine – Saleziánsky magazín, 4’50‘‘ – 6‘40‘‘)
The agricultural project helped people from South Sudan November 30, 2011 (
Agricultural experience of Slovak people used by South Sudan June 26, 2011 (
In Sudan, children learn under trees, Slovaks want to change it June 16, 2011 (
How does a proper Sudanese nigga originate? June 15, 2011 (
Kenyan people can live for 33 euro a month April 24, 2011 (
Current situation in Sudan and running projects January 18, 2011 (video record from TA3)
Adoption of school classes in Sudan Catholic Teacher (Katolícky učiteľ) no 1/2009-10
Memories on Africa Don Bosco Today (Don Bosco Dnes)
People to people Don Bosco Today (Don Bosco Dnes)
Volunteers from Slovakia also in Peru January 9, 2010 (
A youth centre built in Aldan, Russia January 10, 2010 (
89 Sudanese school classes in an adoption project January 29, 2010 (