We are starting the 15th annual public appeal, Tehlička (the brick). The goal of the fundraising is to help shift the school which is constantly being damaged, to a safe place. In the first phase, we will help build a new house for the teachers because the current one is continuously being spoiled by water. We are working together with the Salesians of Don Bosco who were invited to Kakuma by the UN and they have been working there since 1993. The collection will last until 31st October 2020.

The actual situation in Kakuma

The education of children and youth at the refugee camp in Kakuma is at risk. The oldest Salesian school is continuously being spoiled by water and the water has caused the collapse of some of the buildings in the camp. Other areas that are dangerous include the teachers’ accommodations.

If the school collapses, more than 3000 children and youth will lose the chance to study. Education is the only way to live a better life.


Calvin Lianda is from the agricultural town Kitale, in Kenya, he has taught carpentry and joinery in the refugee camp in Kakuma for many years. He studied at the Salesian school in Nairobi, where in addition to studying; he met the Salesians and their mission. Because of the chance to teach in the refugee camp in Kakuma, he left his home, his family and his friends. Today, he knows that it was a very good decision and despite all the problems and difficulties, he is glad to be in the camp and to have the chance to help youth, who need it. He teaches a lot and he meets people from all around the world, their cultures, traditions and has even learned some of their languages. He would be most grateful if the youth from the refugee camp could study and find a way to live a better life. He is aware that education is the best way to extricate themselves from the vicious ring of poverty and desperation in the refugee camp.

We can help Calvin and give him a chance to teach children and youth from the refugee camp in Kakuma.

How can you help?

You can participate in Tehlicka by simple registration on our web page. Educational materials are available at www.tehlicka.sk. The public can support this fundraising by donating online and by sharing the call on social networks or by creating their own call to support the people of Kakuma. You can also donate to the account number IBAN: SK6911000000002620852641, SAVIO o.z.

*provincial economer, the term is used in East African SDB context