Every year, the General Superior of the Salesians issues a Motto, that helps the Salesian family determine its direction for the whole year. Don Ángel Fernández Artime chose the motto for 2023: “Like a leaven in today’s human family”, which refers to the parable of Jesus. In the Gospels, Jesus compares the kingdom of God to leaven added to flour (Mt 13:33; Lk 13:20-21). “It is used very little amount of leaven, but it differs from all other ingredients in that it is alive. And because it is alive, it has the ability to influence, change and transform the whole dough,” explains the head superior, inviting young people and members of the Salesian family to be leaven in the world and spread the gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Don Artime points out that motto of 2023 is intended for several groups. The first are children and young people wherever the Salesian family is present. This year’s motto is to help them discover “that each of them can be like the leaven that Jesus talks about”. Another group is all the parts of the Salesian family, that he invites to discover their own lay dimension. And he especially invites consecrated persons to be the leaven in the bread of humanity and to enrich themselves with the laity of their brothers and sisters. “We are called to complement each other as a family,” concludes the head superior.

You can read the presentation of the theme of motto 2023 by the main leader HERE. In addition, we offer the traditional video-commentary of the main presenter on this year’s Motto, which reads: “Like leaven in today’s human family” HERE.