Thanks to this year’s Tehlička 2021 collection (Brick), we are helping the Salesian community in Yakutsk rebuild their house, which is in a state of emergency and in urgent need of renovation. The first part of the reconstruction is dedicated to repairing the roof. The redevelopment started during the summer holidays and is actively involved with the climbers along with the workers and some parishioners.

“The roof isn’t ready yet. It started raining, we have a lot of water in the house, and there’s mold all over the house. We started dehumidifying, but it’s hard work. Winter comes into it, the first snow has already fallen, but work continues. We are not losing hope and we are trying to put everything together,” says Niko, a Salesian assistant from Yakutsk.

Thanks to the redevelopment, the house will be able to re-perform the function for which each Salesian house was intended. To be a place where young people can come and spend time meaningfully. There is still the possibility to financially support this collection till October 31, 2021, and you can do so through the Tehlička´s page, where you will also find a lot of interesting and useful information about life in the coldest place on earth. Thank you to everyone who supported the fundraiser with a financial contribution or prayer!