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    The Bosco Boys centre helps children who struggle with life, having no support from their parents or relatives. The centre offers them substitute home and elementary education.

    The project for poor children in Nairobi dates back to 1990 when the the Salesians of Don Bosco started paying special attention to boys living in the streets. Thanks to the support from many donors and patrons, the Bosco Boys centre was built in several years. Currently, it supports some 600 children, giving them elementary education and enabling them to continue their studies at vocational schools, secondary schools and universities.

    The Bosco Boys centre offers home to boys who used to live in the streets. The Don Bosco Primary Schools, attended by boys and girls from poor families of the neighbourhood, is also a part of the project. After finishing primary education with good results, pupils can apply for studying at secondary schools and universities, with continuous support from the centre. Pupils with less favourable results can become carpenters, welders or automobile mechanics at the Bosco Boys centre workshops or at other technical schools run by the Salesians.

    The Bosco Boys centre backs various activities at different places in Nairobi. Its core is the boarding primary schools in the quarter of Kuwinda. The spot in Kariua is a contact place for boys living in the streets. When any of them express interest in studying, there is a social assistant to help them in the situation. The Bosco Boys Langata centre is a gateway for newly accepted boys from the streets. The boys spend their first months or years there. Its objective is to eradicate their bad habits obtained in time of their lives in the streets, especially drug addiction, and to prepare them for entering higher levels of education. Bosco Boys also run a kindergarten in a nearby slum.

    In the Bosco Boys centre, children are given new opportunities to build better future for themselves and the whole society. Many of them are talented in sports, music, dancing and other areas, which is proved by their results in various competitions. They have their dreams and ambitions, which would be totally unattainable without help of many donors. Their gratitude and willingness to send the help to others is visible by each visit to the centre.

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