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    Fill in the form in the section I want to take part in the programme and we will contact you within 48 hours with further information necessary for conclusion of an adoption contract. The contract is concluded for at least one year in order to plan resources for your class more efficiently. Each donor is assigned a class, and until he/she decided to leave the programme, he/she will support the same class. This means that children will change, not the class. If a donor is assigned 1A class and he/she is willing to participate in the programme for the period of 3 years, he/she will always support the 1A class. Participating in the programme, donors support creation of suitable educational environment for children who can grow up and develop surrounded by love and care.

    A regular monthly contribution for an adopted class is 100 euro. The sum covers average costs per one class. The contribution can be sent on monthly or quarterly basis, once in 6 months or once a year. We are not able to cumulate partial contributions from different people. The subjects interested, either groups or communities are invited to agree on their common action and contribute under one name. If you like our programme Adoption of school classes in South Sudan, but you cannot afford sending 100 euro on regular monthly basis, you can support our activities by a single donation or a regular donation of a smaller amount of money. Each donation helps!

    The financial contributions are not sent to classes, but to schools. The contributions are sent twice a year to an account of the Salesian delegation in Jubo, which sends it to schools. Then, schools purchase necessary supplies for individual classes.

    Your contribution partially covers the costs of school supplies for children, school uniforms and teachers wages. During school holidays, camps for children and trainings for teachers are organized and school buildings are repaired and mended.


    From each contribution, we spend 15% on fees related to administration of the Adoption of school classes in South Sudan programme. This means that from each 100 euro coming to our bank account, we spend 15 euro on communication with partner organizations, getting information about our boys, charges for bank transfers, communication with donors (sending letters, e-newsletters, photographs), acquiring new donors, bookkeeping, and updating the website. The rest, 85 euro is sent to the Salesian delegation in Juba and relevant schools.

    We appreciate your support much and accept potential end of your support. However, there are problems connected with such withdrawal, which is why we expect loyalty from our donors. In case any donor decides to end support, he/she must inform us at least a month in advance, so that we are able to find an alternative donor.

    You can adopt a class anytime. The period of support is set to at least a year so that we are able to plan resources for schools more efficiently. You can start supporting a class immediately after the agreement on adoption of a school class is concluded.

    The lists of classes are updated once a year. Sometimes, an assigned class is not going to be started next year for it lacks children. For example, your assigned class is 1B, but only 1A is going to start next year. All donors are informed about such situation and they are offered another class to adopt.

    By signing the agreement, we are authorized to use your contact data in order to communicate with you within the programme Adoption of school classes and inform you about other activities through our regular e-newsletter. We will be in touch with you when concluding the agreement, updating it, changing classes and communicating with them. We will also send you “News from Salesian missions” quarterly by regular mail.

    Usually, children in the class write letters once or twice a year. Similarly, we invite our donors to write letters to the class twice a year – the letters are sent together to the Salesian delegation, which sends the letters further to schools. You can send letters or postcards in English, in block letters.

    We do not send tangible gifts as it could encourage jealousy and bad feelings among classes.

    We are not able to provide journeys of donors to South Sudan and the assigned classes.