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    The main objective of the project was to create a group of 50 local teachers – literacy specialists. After finishing relevant formation, they started teaching in 50 centres – writing, reading and elementary information on preventive healthcare. Each of the centres was attended by approximately 25 pupils – children and adults (altogether 1,250 people). The project was carried out in the district of Lebolo, in the Kwanza-Sul province, Angola. Financial resources were used on transportation costs of literacy specialists, small reimbursement for their work and school supplies and equipment (boards, exercise books, pens, chalk). The project was supported by budgetary resources of the Slovak Republic, through the official development assistance programme SlovakAid, in the total sum of 79,268 euro.

    Project tasks:

    • to offer primary education for everyone from distant communities
    • to train new literacy specialists
    • to improve healthcare
    • to make primary education more efficient
    • to prepare value systems for children and teachers
    • to enhance their economic independence
    • to support gender equality and equal position of girls and women
    • to engage local population in actions in favour of sustainable development
    • to supervise the literacy specialists’ activities


    Achieved results

    • lower rate of illiteracy
    • young adults with improved access to labour processes
    • improved access to study at public schools (support teaching)
    • more efficient work of literacy specialists
    • lower economic dependence
    • humane, social and economic development of local communities
    • accessibility of primary education for socially disadvantaged children
    • support for gender equality and equal position of girls and women
    • fighting AIDS, malaria and other diseases
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