• 2022Wells for Angola

    At the beginning of 2022 SAVIO o.z. started a project aimed at the construction of six wells in Angola. Of these, five wells will be in Huambo province and one in the capital Luanda in the Viana district. The wells constructed will improve access to water for more than 7,000 people.

    The wells in Huambo province will provide drinking water for a school and education centres. The Salesians of Don Bosco have four literacy centres here, attended by a total of 2 260 people. Each centre will have its own well thanks to the project. The Don Bosco Primary School has 4,200 pupils (they are taught in 8 classes on a rotating basis) and if the Salesians succeed in opening a secondary school, which will be the only one in the area, together 5,200 pupils will benefit from the well. In order to build the well, it is also necessary to drill a borehole and provide a solar pump and a tower with a tank for water distribution.

    Viana is an urban area of the capital Luanda. The Salesians have a youth hostel and a secondary school for 600 young people. It is possible that the water from the well will be semi-saline, but it will be used mainly for the agricultural purposes of the school, which will make it possible to improve its self-sufficiency.

    From the beginning of the year to the end of May 2022, 3 wells have been completed in Huambo province. The project, worth a total of €30,267, will be completed in the course of 2022. We are grateful to a generous donor for the implementation of the project.

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