• 2015 - 2016Extra curriculum activities for underprivileged youth
  • 2008 - 2011Baku: educational centres’ network

    Youth teaching poor kids to “fish”…


    Goals of the project:

    • to make high-quality education (courses, thematic groups) available for socially disadvantaged families and refugees from Baku and its region (Mardakyany, Mashtagi)
    • to educate teachers and volunteers in pedagogy of preventive system in education
    • to let them acquire important skills (communication, flexibility, participation, organization)
    • to build cultural values
    • to develop social aspect in local communities
    • to foster economic independence
    • to strengthen solidarity towards local communities


    Achieved results:

    • available high-quality education for everyone
    • impact on the development of social aspect in local communities
    • volunteers and teachers educated in preventive system
    • strengthened cultural values
    • properly used free time
    • building of value systems
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  • 2006Canteens
  • 2017Baku: Development of children and youth via extracurricular activities