• 2019-2021Marsabit: better access to skills for young people in marsabit county

    The main objective of the project is to contribute to decreased unemployment of young people in Kenya through building practical skills. The project is implemented in Marsabit county where high level of youth unemployment persists. Thus, the specific objective of the project aims to improve access to practical skills for young people in Marsabit county. The intervention will take place in Don Bosco Technical Institute Marsabit, where we have already implemented a project supporting female education which was financed by SlovakAid.

    This project plans to achieve three results which will complement the completed intervention. The first result will be a new electrotechnical course with specialisation on solar technologies. There is a high demand of electrotechnical skills in Marsabit county. Within the activities one building will be rennovated and equipped, promotion will be done and the course of general electrics and solar technologies will take place, complemented by on the job training. The aim is to train 20 students per year. Target group are unemployed young people from Marsabit county, especially men. Another set of activities will lead to higher employability of the graduates which is the second project result planned. Part of the activities will be a career orientation seminar, entrepreneurship training, start-up kits distribution, job placement and follow-up of the graduates. Desired value is 80% of the employed graduates in half year after the project completion.

    The third project result is a better access to practical skills for rural women. Women living in villages have limited access to practical skills in the institute as far as there is no boarding for girls. The project plans to open a female dormitory which will improve access to practical skills for target group of rural women and at the same time increase number of students in the institute by 50%.

    The project started on 5th of August 2019 and will be finished by the 31st of July 2021. It is supported by donation from SlovakAid as high as 240 630 eur. 

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