• 2019-2021Marsabit: better access to skills for young people in marsabit county
  • 2018-2020Nairobi: supporting employment in electro-technical industry
  • 2017-2019Kakuma: peacebuilding through practical skills
  • 2016-2018Marsabit: empowering women through practical skills
  • 2015-2017Nairobi: socio-economic integration of former street children

    The project increased quality of education and improved sustainability of Bosco Boys centre for street children in Nairobi. The centre has been helping poor youth for 25 years.

    The project has increased qualification of teachers in work with problematic youth through certified courses in counseling and therapy. They are now able to provide children in Bosco Boys with adequate accompaniment. In the field of elementary education, three higher classes have been upgraded with modern technologies that provide a combination of spoken word and multimedia in teaching. The use of modern technologies will improve and accelerate the teaching process. As far as many Bosco Boys graduates have difficulty to find a job the project has provided them with training for graduates to help them prepare a high-quality CV, pick and approve potential employers, get ready for an interview. At the same time, the graduates learned about employee rights and duties as well as work ethics. The entrepreneurial course was offered to the interested entrepreneurs.

    Bosco Boys center is quite dependent on external financial resources what threatens its sustainability. The project captured potential of the carpentry and welding workshops and increased gains from furniture production by equipping the workshops with necessary machinery and tools. The staff was also trained in business planning and fundraising and the centre was helped to create a comprehensive business plan.

    The project started on 1st October 2015 and finished on 31st May 2017. It was financed by SlovakAid with 222 190 eur.

    Project results:

    – 16 employees of the center trained in financial planning and fundraising

    – 1 business plan for the center created

    – 680 pieces of furniture sold

    – 40,000 EUR from furniture sales earned

    – 2 courses of advisory skills for pedagogues realized

    – 18 educators trained in guidance skills

    – 2 therapeutic rooms established

    – 65 children using counseling on weekly basis

    – 3 upper classes equipped with modern technologies

    – 20 teachers trained in using modern technologies

    – 110 graduates of the center trained

    – 4 educational seminars for children and youth

    – 1 seminar for parents of problematic youth

    – 3 camps for children

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  • 2012 – 2013Nairobi: Labour skills for poor young people
  • 2010 - 2012Nairobi: the Bosco Boys rehabilitation centre
  • 2009 - 2011Nairobi: the Bosco Boys carpentry workshop
  • 2008Kuwinda: Computers for the Bosco Boys centre