• 2018Bratislava Baku

    A volunteer was working mostly with youth at the centers Mileticova and Mamateyova in Bratislava. Her stay among them was to help get rid of the prejudices against people of different cultures and religions, which was another goal of the project. There is a negative attitude towards the Islam believers in Slovak society. It is important to give Slovaks the opportunity to encounter Muslims and on a long term perspective, to help them change biased views. The volunteer shared her experience of EU and Erasmus+ with her family and friends and thanks to her participation in the Erasmus+ project, increased the awareness of this program in Azerbaijan. A better understanding of Erasmus+ was reached also among the young people in Bratislava, for whom she organized the presentations and informal discussions. The volunteer Vefa, had the chance to participate at an international fundraising conference as well as at a training on financial management. She took the opportunity to visit not only a lot of interesting places in Slovakia but the European metropolises Vienna, Prague and Paris as well.

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