• 2018Bratislava Baku
  • 2012Camps for Roma children
  • 2011Camps for Roma children
  • 2010Camps for Roma children
  • 2009 - 2010Raising awareness about development activities
  • 2009Camps for children from Luník IX

    Children from the Košice quarter Luník IX experienced many advantures, games, trips and fun during summer camps for boys and girls in Bardejov – Poštárka and a camp on daily basis in Luník IX. Three missionary volunteers work at the quarter. One of them told us about her mission there:

    “What do Roma people give to me? First of all, it is a great gift of friendliness and spontaneity. Social roles are not important here. We need no masks or phrases. We are as we are, each day, in our poverty, though with our talents. Learning that these people like me is wonderful. I am proud of it and I appreciate it. I love them, too… I think there is no need to continue explaining why I like Luník IX that much and why I want to stay there for another year. I feel so well there that sometimes I need to ask myself if my motivations is not purely egoistic :-)”

    Our organization also supported the project of summer camps for children from Luník IX in 2009.


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