• 2010Aldan: Travelling youth centre

    Regular activities, mainly informal education and leisure time activities with children and youth, especially those from socially disadvantaged families in municipalities in the Aldan region (Chatystyr, Ugajan, Tommot) were supported by the sum of 15,000 euro. The financial resources were mainly used to provide transportation for regular field trips. It is a long-run project.

    Further objectives:

    • regular activities in youth centres in the Aldan region
    • social development of local communities
    • active participation of local young people in regular activities for children, youth and adults
    • building value systems in children and youth
    • acquirement of life skills (e.g. communication, professional, and practical skills)
    • strengthened morality and ethics
    • education towards civil responsibility
    • building awareness of cultural values

    Achieved results:

    • active involvement of young people in local communities
    • acquired life skills
    • systematic informal education
    • built awareness of cultural values
    • proper use of leisure time
    • built value systems
    • developed social conditions in local communities
    • stronger responsibility of local communities
    • more active local children


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