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    The 12th annual public fundraising appeal, Tehlicka (Brick) 2017 was registered by the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic to the Registry of Public Fundraising Appeals under the number SVS–OVS2–2016/033933.

    The gross income of the appeal is represented by 154,350.46 Euro. The costs of the collection reached 17,49%. The net gain of 127,352.10 Euro was meant to support schools which admit approximately 4 600 children from the camp for internally displaced persons. Education helps them to cope with the trauma of war and prepare them for the reality of the world once the conflict is over. The future is the only thing which we can give them together. Direct participants of the fundraising appeal were 110 kindergartens, primary, secondary and high schools plus 50 youth centres and other organizations all over Slovakia. Advertising and educational materials were sent to all participating schools and organizations. They were not only used to educate and raise awareness about aid to developing countries, but also to support the campaign for the fundraising appeal. The schools organized additional activities to support the appeal with our consent.

    From the net gain 127 352,1 EUR we managed to support the following activities:

    Humanitarian food aid for families in the camp for internally displaced persons in Juba-Gumbo

    Food distribution was provided to 2020 families in the camp for internally displaced persons in Juba-Gumbo as well as for 500 most vulnerable families living in communities near the camp. Food items were distributed in the crisis period at the end of each month from June to August 2018. Internally displaced persons in the camp have chosen their representatives and created groups consisting of 50 families in each group. They agreed on an efficient distribution of food items. 50-member groups regularly came to the storage where the representatives checked their registration cards marked and stamped by the camp management. After presenting the necessary documentation they received a monthly food ration of corn flour, beans, oil and salt. In this way the following amount of food items was distributed: 2055 50-kg bags of corn flour, 285 50-kg bags of beans, 190 20-litres jerry cans of oil and 150 5-kg cardboard of salt.

    Support to education in the primary school for internally displaced children in Juba-Gumbo

    Thanks to the fundraising appeal 1200 internally displaced children and 400 children from the surrounding local communities received a school uniform as well as school items which they could otherwise not afford. School items included exercise books (the number for each child depended on the number of subjects), pens and pencils. With financial support from other partners we were also able to provide children with everyday breakfast consisting of porridge with milk. The project contributed to better performance of children at school (77% of children achieve excellent results), higher number of children at school (compared to 2018 when there were 1200 children at school the number of enrolled children increased to 2352 children in 2019) as well as better school attendance.

    Other educational and free time activities in Juba-Gumbo

    The appeal supported realisation of sports and cultural events for children from the primary school for internally displaced children as well as educational seminars on health, hygiene and peacebuilding. The seminars took place in cooperation with the elected representatives of the internally displaced persons in the camp. The seminars on health and hygiene improved hygiene in the camp as well as the system of reporting health issues. The seminar on peacebuilding helped to identify internal management deficiencies, create more efficient management structure including better distribution of duties and responsibilities among the camp managers as well as create commissions dealing with youth, security and disadvantaged people issues in the camp.

    Equipment for the primary school for internally displaced children in Juba-Gumbo

    The fundraising appeal also helped to equip classes and the teacher’s office with the necessary furniture at the primary school for internally displaced children in Juba-Gumbo. The purchased furniture included desks, benches and book shelves.

    Big thanks to all donors and others involved!

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