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    The 11th annual public fundraising appeal, Tehlicka (Brick) 2016 was registered by The Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic to the Registry of Public Fundraising Appeals under the number 000-2015-029444.

    The gross income is represented by 166,886.92 Euro. The costs of the collection were 17,25%. The net gain of 138,092.58 Euro was meant to help more than 400 families to buy material, food, medical and school supplies as well as support educational and free time activities for 2000 children and youth. The earnings were also meant to be used for the restoration of the bombed center in Damascus. The participants in the fundraising activity were more than 106 kindergartens, primary, secondary and high schools and almost 68 youth and other organizations all over Slovakia. Advertising and educational materials were sent to all participating schools and organizations. They were used to educate and to form in the area of aid to developing countries, and not only as a campaign to the collection. The schools also organized additional activities which supported the collection with our consent.

    From the net gain 138 092,58 EUR we managed to support the following activities:

    Humanitarian aid to displaced families in Kafroun, Damascus and Aleppo, Syria

    Thanks to the raised finance it was possible to provide support to 81 internally displaced families in Damascus from November 2016 to June 2017 as well as to 40 families in Kafroun and 136 families in Aleppo from October 2016 to June 2017. Primary needs of the most vulnerable families from the above mentioned cities were met and decent accommodation for them was provided. The activities were implemented by Salesians of Don Bosco who personally identified the target group and created a detailed list of final beneficiaries. The help was distributed through financial contributions on accommodation and food for the chosen families. The implementing team kept a keen eye on spending financial resources and monitored improvement of the beneficiaries´ living standard. Coordination and monitoring on a monthly basis was ensured by Alejandro José León Mendoza, the project coordinator. The first part of the project contributed to decreasing poverty and vulnerability of internally displaced Syrian families.

    Activities for youth in Salesian centres in Kafroun, Damascus and Aleppo, Syria

    The raised funds helped to realize many educational and free time activities for children and youth in three Salesian centres in Kafroun, Damascus and Aleppo. The objective of the activities was to give local children and youth a possibility of informal education and active relaxation in a safe environment and mitigate negative outcomes of the war on their mental health. Money was used especially for food, water, electricity, heating, medicine and clothes.

    Two 6-days long summer camps for children took place in Kafroun. Catechesis focused on personal and spiritual development were realised in Kafroun and Aleppo – as far as many children were not able to access centres for security reasons, Salesians of don Bosco regularly provided bus transport for them. The Aleppo centre hosted the sixth football tournament for peace in Aleppo as well as a smaller tournament for university students. In the centre remedial classes also took place, with help of the university students who helped children with homework and exams preparation. Aleppo also offered an opportunity to take part in musical and drama courses where performances were practised for numerous cultural events in the centre. Moreover, Aleppo centre also organised a market for children and their parents focused on distribution of food, drinks, clothes and handmade products. The market enjoyed participation of hundreds of kids and parents.

    Damascus centre is daily visited by approximately 1200 children and young people from 5 to 30 years who participate in spiritual programs, sports, arts, music and drama classes as well as charity initiatives in nearby orphanages, hospitals and centres for the handicapped. Thanks to Tehlicka the activities of informal education took place in the centre during which the children were provided with stationary. The centre organised 2 football tournaments in which 17 teams from the capital participated. Approximately 1000 children took part in the Don Bosco Talent Show where children and youth performed in arts, drama and music. During the project four 1-day trips for Damascus youth were organised, each of them enjoying participation of approximately 120 kids. The centre also organized a Christmas and New year program, thanks to the raised funds it was possible to donate 1150 Christmas presents to children.

    Roof repair in Salesian centre in Kafroun, Syria

    Kafroun is located in the Tarsous region which is a well-known holiday area thanks to beautiful nature, interesting architecture and pilgrimage spots. Salesian centre in Kafroun is an attractive location for local people and visitors as far as it offers the possibility for a wide range of activities for children and youth in a pleasant environment. From the beginning of the war, the centre became a refuge for many internally displaced families who found safe temporary accommodation. Number of children and youth coming to the centre also increased in order to participate in sports, cultural and educational activities in a safe environment. To be able to improve conditions for realization of the activities for children and youth and accommodation conditions it was inevitable to repair the roof which was in a terrible condition together with the ceilings due to high level of humidity. Firstly, the old roof was removed, secondly the new roof was made. The repair increased quality of services for approximately 200-400 children from 8 years of age, 70 young people, Salesian youth and scouts from Kafroun, Damascus and Aleppo, youth groups from nearby villages, families living in Kafroun, 40 internally displaced families and poor families from Kafroun area.


    Big thanks to all donors and others involved!


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