At the beginning of December, our colleague Alžbeta and volunteer Iakob went on a business trip to Warsaw, where together with members of the Don Bosco Network they discuss the topic of aid to Ukraine and set up the functioning of aid and cooperation for the next months.

Later, they also visited the Salesians in Lviv, who, despite of the difficult period in the country, are still trying to do their work among children and young people. Either at their local technical school, where 180 students are currently studying in the fields of cook, carpenter, car mechanic and IT, or among the boys in the Pokrova family house. There is also a restaurant that serves food daily not only to employees and boys, but to anyone who visits them. They also bake bread and other baked goods that are taken to eastern cities. Every day they also spend several hours hidden in bunkers, as the siren always sounds in case of danger. The Salesians in Lviv also take care of the running of the modern town for refugees Mariapol, where three hundred people are provided with accommodation, food and a program for children and young people. In addition, every week one of the Salesians takes food, clothing or other material needs to people in the east, directly into the war zones. We will write you more about their activities in the next weeks.

SAVIO o. z., together with the Salesians and the entire Salesian family, continue to support people affected by the war conflict in Ukraine. We offer a helping hand to all who need it, for example, young people in refugee accommodation center Gabčíkovo, where DOMKA – Salesian Youth Association realizes leisure activities for children thanks to volunteers. In Slovakia, 12 boys from the Pokrova family house are still accommodated and they can continue their studies. Find out more about support options at We thank you.

We thank Iakob Tunievi Photography for photos.