• 2020-2022Iringa and Njombe

    The main aim of the project Supporting Self-employment in Agriculture through Building of Practical Skills is to contribute to higher incomes of small farmers from agricultural activity. The project will be implemented in Tanzania in the regions of Iringa and Njombe, which show a high number of small farmers with low income and suitable climatic conditions for apple trees. The specific objective of the project is to secure and increase a sustainable income for farmers by growing apples while strengthening their food security.

    The first outcome will be the training of farmers in apple growing. The aim is to train 700 farmers over two years. Trainings will be organized directly in the villages where they will be also actively promoted. The target group will be small farmers who are the most exposed to the risk of unstable income from their farming activity.

    The project will also implement activities aimed at establishing apple orchards of farmers with improved varieties, which is the second planned outcome. This will include expanding the fruit tree nursery, planting 10,000 trees on farmers’ lands, monitoring farmers and improving the availability of fertilizers and seedlings for farmers to increase apple harvest and quality.

    The third planned outcome is to create a supply chain for apples of trained farmers. In order to achieve this outcome the purchase of apples from farmers will be ensured, the sorting and storage of the purchased fruit will be introduced and the relationship with the wholesaler will be established. A measurable indicator is the purchase of 50,000 kg apples grown by farmers who already have producing apple orchards but have no buyers which would buy it from them. By creating business partnerships, we will provide farmers with the assurance of buying their crops not only during the project but also long after it.

    The project started on 1st of September 2020 and will last until 31st of August 2022 and was supported from SlovakAid funds by a subsidy of 199,965 EUR.