• Basic information
  • Who is a Salesian missionary volunteer?
  • How to become a volunteer?

    Many children and young people live in the streets. They do not have shelter, do not attend school, and do not have the feeling of safety. They are poor, with no one to look at them kindly, to pay them attention. Is there a will to give yourself in the service in favour of the poor in your heart? Do you have no idea how to do it? If you are ready to leave your world, know a new culture and sacrifice a year of your life for young people in need, we have a solution. The Salesian missionary volunteering invites you to young people who need nothing but your time, care and joy. Set out to an adventure with us and you will be given much more than you will give.

    “Only in Heaven will we see how much we owe to the poor for helping us to love God better because of them.” Mother Teresa

    One year in Salesian missions is preceded by a ten months long preparation thanks to which you will be able to think about your decision. If you fulfil the following requirements, you can enter the preparation.


    • age 20 – 30 years
    • excellent health and physical condition
    • active life with God – honest effort to lead engaged Christian life
    • positive and creative attitude to life, sense for community
    • will to improve and be educated, taking a one year long preparation
    • excellent knowledge of at least one foreign language (English, Portuguese, Russian or other)
    • experience with educational activities with children and young people
    • determination to give part of your life to poor and lonely young people
    • co-financing of the costs of voluntary service (weekend meetings, airport ticket, vaccination)