• 2015 - 2016Extra curriculum activities for underprivileged youth

    The European Voluntary Service Erasmus+ project supported the sending of 2 Slovak volunteers to Baku, the capitol city of Azerbaijan. The voluntary service took place in the Maryam Merkezi center which is focused on the education of underprivileged children and youth. Their education is not completed by sessions only, which is the reason why the center is trying to create good conditions for free time activities. The project integrated 2 Slovak volunteers in extracurricular activities in Maryam Merkezi. They helped with organization and implementation of the activities and they had a chance to empower themselves in the inspirational environment as well.

    Project goals:

    • to offer additional education and other extra curricular activities in order to create opportunities for underprivileged youth to spend their free time well
    • to enforce the competencies of Slovak volunteers in a different cultural background

    During the time of the project volunteers participated in these activities: tutoring in school subjects, workshops, educational seminars, games and sports, summer camps.

    Thanks to the project volunteers could reinforce and gain the following skills: communication and presentation skills, empathy, leadership, self confidence, the ability to cope with difficult situations, understanding of different culture, Russian and Azerbaijan language skills and better knowledge of the English language.

    The project was financially supported by European Union program Erasmus+ and by European Voluntary Service by grant of 13,142.00 euro. We are thankful for the support.


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