After several weeks of waiting, food aid has been sent again to Ukraine, from where the Ukrainian Salesians will distribute it where it is most needed. Thanks to our Austrian partner Jugend Eine Welt, which through our civil association SAVIO has contributed to the humanitarian aid provided by the Slovak Salesians. Thanks to the partner we were able to send food valued at 47,000 € to Ukraine this month, namely pasta, beans, sugar, baby food, oil and canned food with ready-to-eat meals. In addition, they contributed to purchasing electricity generators in the amount of 13,000 € which the Salesians in Ukraine have been using since March. The goods were loaded in a warehouse in Prešov, from where they are transported to the Ukrainian side, to a warehouse in Uzhhorod. The Salesians in Ukraine are also able to provide aid in places where no other assistance can reach, as they also visit many of the surrounding villages. For more information about the aid provided, please visit our website and for more up-to-date information as well as the opportunity to donate, please visit Thank you for your support!