Gabčíkovo is a little village 50 Kms from the SDB Provincial House at Bratislava. The government has set up a facility there to host refugees from Ukraine. There are approximately a thousand of them now, many of them children and adolescents. These are the poorer ones among the refugees – they have no relatives or contacts abroad; they cannot afford apartments in the cities. The government provides them with food, medical care and such other needs. Children of the school-going age attend Slovak schools. Salesians collaborate here. They provide what a government can’t, especially for children and young people. Salesians organize and train volunteers for a wide variety of other activities for the long hours of free time- mini-football games, a portable volleyball court and net, children playing individually with hula-hoops and building blocks.Thanks to all who support us with prayers, work or financially. Other forms of help can be found at