Our next trip was to the northern part of Kenya, the town of Kakuma, known for its huge refugee camp. This Kakuma refugee camp was set up by the death march of several thousand boys from South Sudan 30 years ago. Since then, the camp has been growing steadily. The Salesians of don Bosco operate there from the very beginning, right in the camp. However, together with the camp, the town of Kakuma itself, on whose territory the camp was based, is also growing. From a small town, a rural type, it becomes a densely populated city, where even larger buildings begin to show up. There are many organisations in the camp itself, among refugees, but the Turks have far fewer options than they do. That’s why, a long time ago, salesians started building a school outside the camp so that the locals could visit it. We had the opportunity to visit the part of the school that is already under completion and where, for example, carpentry courses are already taking place.