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    The programme Adoption of school classes in South Sudan has been run in cooperation with our local partner BOSCOAID, a Salesian organization focused on development, since 2009. Thanks to donors and the mentioned partner, we support education at 11 schools in Sudan and South Sudan.

    Illiteracy is a big barrier in development of countries. In South Sudan, even primary education is not generally available. The country lacks schools, suitable premises for education, equipment and qualified teachers. For many children, schools are still unavailable, either because of great distances, or due to high costs related to education.

    The Salesian of Don Bosco run several schools of various levels in a couple of urban settlements and nearby villages (see the section Participating schools). The donations from Slovak donors partially cover the costs of school supplies, uniforms and wages of teachers. During holidays, camps are organized for pupils, educational courses are prepared for teachers, and the school buildings are repaired, too.

    Through the donations, it is our goal to support whole schools constantly. That is why we invite groups of donors, school, enterprises, communities and individuals from Slovakia to adopt school classes in South Sudan and support them by regular monthly contributions of 100 euro. Join us and help us prepare new generations in this young country, so that young people will lead the whole society to development with help of their skills, abilities, knowledge and moral values.

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