Salesian vocational school of St. Joseph in Khartoum has more than 30 years. It was established in 1988 and now provides professional technical education for 357 boys and 3 girls. Firstly there was technical school founded by fathers Combonians, but it was closed for many years until the Salesians took it over in 1988. Until this year girls were not allowed to study in the same classes with boys, because the dominant religion in Sudan is Islam. After this release, School of St. Joseph in the capital Khartoum could admit first girls. In the school work sixteen teachers and provide education in six departments such as auto mechanic, bricklayer, carpenter, electrician, welder and repairer of refrigeration equipment. The school must face many challenges like outdated equipment, 74 years old building, intermittent supplies of electricity during professional teaching or the unstable political situation which caused students to miss classes for safety reasons. Despite of this, the school achieves good results and finished 11th in the national exams this year. For several years, it has also been included in our Adoption of Classes program, which is supported by Slovak donors. We still have free classes waiting for their sponsors. If you wish to support young people and their education, we invite you to participate in regular support through the Adoption of Classes program. With a contribution of 35,50 or 100 EUR per month, you can help them to get an education.