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    Do you feel good with us, uncle?“, it was a question of a Roma boy from a settlement close to Trebišov during the summer camp on daily basis prepared by our NGO, SAVIO. Along Trebišov, the camps were organized in Terňa and Malý Slivník (the Prešov district). Almost 20 young volunteers spent a week of their free time there, playing with local Roma children. During all activities, they made an effort to make children feel accepted and cared for.

    The volunteers had taken a week-long formation in Vrútky, from where they travelled directly to the places where the camps were run. They got inspired by spontaneity and candour of Roma children, and returned back home with positive feelings, though tired. Many of them expressed their willingness to continue in the future editions of the camps. The camps for Roma children were carried out since August 23 to August 27, 2010, initiated by Peter Kuchár, the chairman of SAVIO, with the perspective of being repeated annually. The project was supported by the Renovabis Foundation.


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