• 2016Syria
  • 2015Central African Republic

    Gross earnings of the collection represent 114 675,53 eur. Expenditures connected to realization of the collection were 15,48%. Net gain as high as 96 924,98 eur was intended for educational activities and reconstruction of youth centres in Bangui and Galabadja in Central African Republic as well as for monitoring visits in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Money was sent to our project partners – Salesians of Don Bosco – in a following way:

    63 109,31 eur for youth centre in Bangui, CAR
    31 554,65 eur for youth centre in Galabadja, CAR
    2 000,00 eur for monitoring visits in Yaoundé, Cameroon

    The collection was joined by more than 148 kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and almost 25 organisations in cities and countryside all over Slovakia. All participants received promotion leaflets and brochures which served not only as accompanying material to the campaign but also as educational material for children and youth on topics of development assistance. Schools which joined the campaign have realized plenty of other different activities supporting the main campaign objective.

  • 2014Angola: Kala-Kala
  • 2013Kenya: Langata
  • 2012South Sudan: Manguo
  • 2010Kenya: Bosco Boys
  • 2011Wells: South Sudan, Kenya, Chad, Ecuador
  • 2009Sudan: Gumbo
  • 2008Angola and Azerbaijan
  • 2007Siberia: Yakutsk and Aldan
  • 2006Azerbaijan: Baku