• 2016Syria
  • 2015Central African Republic
  • 2014Angola: Kala-Kala
  • 2013Kenya: Langata
  • 2012South Sudan: Manguo
  • 2010Kenya: Bosco Boys
  • 2011Wells: South Sudan, Kenya, Chad, Ecuador
  • 2009Sudan: Gumbo

    The total outcome of the public fundraising campaign The Tehlička for Sudan, carried out from March, 25 to April, 12, 2009, reached 70,089.05 euro. The event was supported by almost 160 pre-school facilities, primary and secondary schools, and by more than 60 youth organizations and other institutions in 110 municipalities of Slovakia. Through the participating schools and organizations, more than 70% of the funds were collected. The rest was donated from individual donors, either by bank transfers, or by 3,533 SMS. The funds helped children in four countries. The net outcome – 64,256 euro was used as follows:

    1. Sudan (Juba – Gumbo), construction of a school – 46,000 euro
    2. Azerbaijan (Baku), a network of educational centres – 6,117 euro
    3. Angola (Calulo), literacy trainings – 6,000 euro
    4. the Russian Federation – Yakutsk (Aldan), summer camps – 4,000 euro
    5. the Russian Federation (Gatchina), a youth centre – 2,139 euro


    Thanks belong to all those who contributed to the Tehlička for Sudan and helped to organize the event!



  • 2008Angola and Azerbaijan
  • 2007Siberia: Yakutsk and Aldan
  • 2006Azerbaijan: Baku